Adopt or Foster

Be the light within a childs’ eyes. Share moments and laughter that will be cemented in time and in the heart of the child you saved.

For there is no greater gift than family and love, and there is nothing better than the gift of love from a child.

Make a difference within an innocent heart, and impact a life forever.

Adopt or Foster

Beacon of Hope

Beacon of Hope is a Texas Based Foster Care and Adoption Agency located in Corpus Christi Texas. We are a small, dedicated group of professionals that work exclusively in the South Texas region to provide individualized attention to foster and adoptive parents. 

We proudly offer home-based training to parents who are not able to come to the office due to work conflicts.

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There are thousands of children in South Texas that have a great need for a loving home.

If you are considering becoming a foster parent, or you have made the decision to adopt, the first step is choosing your agency.

The right agency will provide you guidance, support and all the information you need to understand and navigate the adoption process.

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Fulfilling Lives

When you adopt or foster, you’re filling a void in a childs’ life that can never be replaced.
You fill a soul where fear and hurt once resided, with nourishment,
love and a sense of belonging.

Be a Parent

Becoming the parents of a child who’s lived without them makes you more than parents.

You become heroes, beacons of light.  

Although, you may find that your foster or adopted child lights up your world just as you do theirs.